About Progress Fest

Progress Fest is a three day, two night music and arts festival, celebrating undiscovered artists' work, and paying the everyday artist to be creative and express themselves. We strive to create the *perfect* weekend. It is illegal to worry at Progress Fest. All violators will be tossed into the fun zone for rehabilitation, a 1x1' area full of coloring books, petting chickens, and bubbles.


Vendors, please fill out this form by 4/10 to apply for a spot. Food vendors will not be considered at this time!


Volunteers will need to complete two three hour shifts in order to receive free admittance to the festival. However, to be considered, interested applicants must first purchase a ticket and sign up here.
At the conclusion of two volunteer shifts, the ticket fee will be promptly refunded. I know that's annoying, but in the past we've had problems with volunteer reliability =O.


What items are prohibited?

  • Weapons, such as firearms or sharp objects.
  • Glass Bottles
  • Any open flames, fireworks, gas, or other flammable liquids/materials
  • Illegal drugs/substances.
  • Seriously, no bath salts
  • Unleashed pets.
  • Minors under 18, unless accompanied by guardian.
  • Bad attitudes

Will I be able to leave when the show starts?

People will most likely be intoxicated! Given that the venue is located off of a very long road we will be discouraging people from leaving after night fall. The last thing we want is to feel responsible or be held liable for someone's injury or DUI.

What will be provided?

  • All local, organic, free range, amazing farm fresh food
  • Designated fire pit areas
  • Trash cans and recycling!

Where is this?

6020 Highland Rd, Dublin, VA! Home of the Highland Farm!

What should I bring?

The festival will be held April 21st-23rd, 2017. It could get cold at night. Please bring anything you would need to survive... pack enough water like you're going to the desert, pack enough warm clothing like you're going to Alaska! Last year most people brought really positive attitudes and it worked out.


Tickets are available online here until April 7th(?) yeah sure whatever April 9th for $35. After April 9th, they will be $55 at the gate. A large percentage of the money will go towards paying local artists, designers, and sound/lighting engineers. It's still ALL about the experience we share together!

How can I get involved?

If you'd like to volunteer, contribute, or if you have any ideas for the festival etc, please message us at "FatherofTime@ProgressFestival.com" Vendors that require a booth in the main stage area will have to pay a $35 fee. More information available here!